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Welcome to the Paupers' Press Home Page.
We publish essays of literary criticism: 10,000-15,000 words in length. Occasionally we stray from these criteria into the realms of philosophy or biography and produce full-length books. But only to accommodate an exceptional manuscript. We publish up to 6 new titles a year.
You will find a list of our publications below followed by lists of our Borgo Press books from the U.S.A. Please note that since Borgo have ceased trading we will continue to supply the listed books only while stocks here last.

Paupers' Press is also the Centre for Colin Wilson Studies. We publish essays by Colin Wilson himself and critical studies of his work by well-known Wilson scholars. To assist scholars/fans/collectors to further their knowledge and improve their collections, we also provide a new and second-hand book service (see below). A new edition of The Colin Wilson Bibliography, is soon to be available (see below for details of all these books).

Our titles are available through all good booksellers or direct from us.
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 Page last updated: February 2015


The Ultimate Colin Wilson Bibliography, 1956-2015

by Colin Stanley

Due: March 2nd 2015

(See Paupers' Press website)

First International Colin Wilson Conference:

July 1, 2016


Colin Wilson obituary

[Written by Colin Stanley, December 28, 2013]

Colin Wilson and the Occult

[Transcript of a talk given by Colin Stanley at the Cartoonist Public House, Shoe Lane, London: December 12, 2012]

Colin Wilson: The Outsider and after

[Transcript of a talk given by Colin Stanley at the Lowdham Book Festival, June 28, 2008]

30th Anniversary Event:

Colin Stanley, Managing Editor of Paupers’ Press,  talking about his new book 'ColinWilson's Occult Trilogy: a guide for students' at Watkins Bookshop, Cecil Court (off Charing Cross Road), London on Thursday 18th July 2013 at 6.30pm. 

Colin Stanley at Watkins Bookshop

 Important: if ordering direct from us, cheques should be in sterling, drawn on a UK bank and made payable to: Colin Stanley.

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